RC Helicopters - Remote Controlled Helicopters

We have teamed up with one of the leading UK suppliers of quality RC Helicopters. On this site you can purchase the best value for money RC Helicopters, Helicopter Spares, Upgrades all supplied from the UK directly to your door the next day or within 3 working days.

Flying a Helicopter can be a tricky occupation, even for the seasoned RC Helicopter pilot crashes will occur and you will naturally want to obtain spare parts quickly to get you back up in the air in quick time. We offer a comprehensive spare parts service so you won't have to wait weeks to repair your treasured Helicopter.

We focus on three main types of RC Helicopters

3 Channel RC Helicopters

These Helicopters are the easiest models to fly with less moving parts, they have very basic controls and almost anyone can fly them with little or no experience and perfect for the beginner helicopter pilot.

4 Channel RC Helicopters

These Helicopters are slightly more complex but a very good starting point for the RC Helicopter enthusiast; they are fully controllable in all directions and easily repairable and suitable for the more adventurous Helicopter pilot.

6 Channel RC Helicopters

These Helicopters have more moving parts and are the most advanced radio controlled helicopters and demand more experienced pilots to control and we would recommend only the more seasoned pilot who has mastered the 4 channel should attempt a 6 channel Helicopter.